'Public Benefit' (közhasznú) Foundation


The Smiling Hospital Foundation was established in 2004 by Dr Albert Royaards and Countess Éva Csáky.

The Charter of the Foundation was approved and registered by the Court of Justice in Budapest in October, 2004. A special status (“Közhasznú”, i.e. “Public Benefit”) was given which makes, in principle, all income from donations and other sources tax-free for the Foundation.

The Foundation is the brainchild of Dr Albert Royaards, a Dutchman, born in 1943. 
Dr Royaards is a lawyer by training (University of Utrecht, the Netherlands) and a banker by profession. After his studies in Holland, he lived abroad (London, Paris, Washington D.C., Frankfurt, New York, Jakarta) as a banker (Banque Nationale de Paris and Chase Manhattan Bank) and subsequently in Singapore for 17 years, where he had his own financial consultancy and from where he completed his PhD (University of Twente, the Netherlands).

In 1996, Dr Royaards came to Hungary and focused on charities. Fundraising proved to be the most difficult part of running a foundation in Hungary. Dr Royaards supported in 2002 an other foundation through a 2.000 km fundraising Walk for four months from Sárospatak in Hungary to Utrecht in Holland and raised Euro 80.000. Later in 2005, Dr Royaards made a 6.000 km fundraising biking tour through Hungary for a four month period, visiting 1.200 mayors and collecting again Euro 80.000 for the Smiling Hospital Foundation.

In October, 2004, the Smiling Hospital Foundation was established. Dr Royaards invited Countess Éva Csáky to become the legal Founder of the new Foundation. She gracefully accepted and for many years she actively promoted the activities of the foundation, while working closely together with Dr Albert Royaards, being the President of the Board of Trustees. After a long illness she passed away on December 19, 2015.

The Founder on her knees, during a painting project, while the President watching her on

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