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Smiling Horse

Dear Friends of the Smiling Hospital Foundation,

In the hope of expanding our „smiling hospital” activities to more hospitals in Hungary and to more frequent visits for the benefit of sick children, we need to be creative in our fundraising methods. Therefore we decided that instead of Gala Dinners for some, we are organizing special events for all: the so- called „SMILING HORSE”, a giant board game.

The first of these events are on November 30 and December 28 and will be held in the newly renovated Riding Hall of the Royal Palace in Gödöllő (35 km from Budapest). We have the full support from the Municipality of Gödöllő and from the director of the Gödöllő Royal Palace.

Everyone living or visiting Hungary is most welcome to join our events. They can ride the wooden hobby horses (especially made for us by Boldizsár Kő), could make their bets which horse to win or come as a spectator to meet some celebrities, mayors and others racing on wooden hobby horses for the ultimate reward of a nice certificate from our Foundation.

But for everyone in the world there is the option to purchase one of the 60 sections in the race course.  

Obviously these puchases are donations in essence and wonderful contributions to the great cause of helping children in hospitals.

We hope to either see you in Gödöllő or „hear” from you through a kind transfer (for bank details, please see the signature footing below).

With my warm regards,


Dr Albert Royaards

President of Board of Trustees

Smiling Hospital Foundation

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