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Wall painting with DIS exchange students

12:42, 27/10/2014

In October of 2014 Smiling Hospital Foundation recently welcomed 27 exchange students from the Danish Institute for Study Abroad (DIS). The day began with a greeting from Mr. Gyulai, a senior staff member of MEREK institute for rehabilitation of physically challenged persons. Some background history and future plans for Smiling Hospital Foundation were given by Dr. Albert Royaards. This was followed by two insightful presentations by Amarilla Grundics, Country Coordinator for SHF and Renata Goncz, SHF volunteer and opera singer, covering different aspects of volunteering in hospitals. After the presentations, the DIS students changed and were ready to paint.


Along with the guidance of Andrea Illes, a SHF artist and professional painter, the students made their marks on the walls of MEREK, with a nature theme in both bold and careful brush strokes. Some extra fun as well when a brief but memorable visit by a local cat ended up being part of the art! Even though the students had just a short time, they completed an entire corridor of the facility. We extend our thanks to these talented students and their instructors, and wish them a good journey wherever their studies take them next.

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